If you can picture the Internet as a vast dimly lit library, I am the nerdy guy that appears out of the shadows to show you all the amazing stories this world has to offer

Misan Harriman, Founder

A virtual campfire

A great story is timeless, evergreen and there to make you learn, laugh and cry. But first one has to find it. WWS takes the noise out of the web and brings original, diverse and engaging content onto one platform, leaving a legacy of stories for generations to come.

WWS has become a leading curated content platform providing highbrow viral content and cultural stories that entertain, educate and inspire.

We average at least 2m video views a day reaching 1.5 billion people a year.

Tubular Labs
Comparing Video views (Mar 2017)
Social Bakers
Comparing number of interactions
(Jan-Mar 2017 - per 1000 fans)
Social Bakers
Comparing most ENGAGing post types
(JAN-MAR 2017 - PER 1000 FANS)


Over 6.8 million total following.

A collection of over 25 digital assets curated by the WWS team across all of the the major social networks and beyond.


WWS has built an exceptional and loyal following because people trust the quality of content that is published. We have a cult following of many movers and shakers from the global arts and entertainment industry. Some of the people who have engaged with our content are: Tinie Tempah, Elisabeth Murdoch, Tim Howard, Madalina Ghenea, Jamie Winston, Leah Wood, Princess Eugenie of York, Holly Branson, Charlie Sheen, Tyson Beckford, Ruby Wax, Kirsty Bertarelli, Meg Matthews, Meghan Markle, Cara Delevingne, Piers Morgan and Snoop Dogg

“Your page is the best thing on Insta. Really enjoy it. Thank you”
“I just love your page, the only reason I log in to FB is you”


The largest and most varied collection of long form cinematic content on facebook alongside a unique collection of art, music, history user generated content.

Exceptional organic REACH

Adorable Man
Dog Running
Tarantula Molts

Powerful long-form content


We have partnered with leading video licensing, production companies and cutting edge advertising agencies to give both brands and consumers a unique experience when engaging with the WWS network.



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